What they said...

Today STEELEDANCE embodies a varied and distinctive spectrum of choreography that catapults the company to the forefront of the next generation of American Dance Artists.

Roslyn Sulcas, dance critic of The New York Times, proclaims that

"It’s not often that a piece makes you sit up straighter, wondering what it is exactly you are seeing, but these are the moments that lovers of the arts live for. And it happened on Thursday night...The Steele's are adept at creating seamless, ever-changing configurations of dancers".






Steeledance Review

Article from: Back Stage | January 14, 2000 |  Lisa Jo Sagolla


"Teri Lee Steele has legs that would put Betty Grable to shame. But "shapely gams" are certainly not this choreographer's only asset. She has an elegant sense of sculptural design and a notable fluency with the spatial language of dance--dimension, shape, levels, and groupings. Her ensemble choreographies are first-rate models of visual composition, activated by flowing energies that stem from each dancer's personal physicality; as we watch the dancing our eyes relish the communal design, while our kinesthetic sensibilities appreciate the power of the individual."

Bicipital Groove or Echo My Instincts choreographed by Teri and Oliver Steele for Gene Pool performance at Dance New Amsterdam

Steeledance performing Still Waters Run at The Fab Festival, Downtown Manhattan.  September, 2011.

Choreographed by Teri Lee Steele

Flash Mob for the opening of the move FAME with 100 dancers at the South Street Seaport.  Sept, 2010.

Choreographed by Oliver Steele


Photography by Teri Lee Steele