Steeledance was founded in 1995 to showcase the unique and imaginative choreography of Teri Lee Steele and Oliver Steele.  Teri Lee Steele, born and raised in Los Angeles, has been dancing since she was three years old and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a BA in Exercise Physiology.  Oliver Steele, born in Romania and raised in Germany, began his dance training at the Iwanson Dance Center in Munich at the age of eighteen and moved to New York in 1992. The Steele's have both worked with Andrew Asnes, John Evans, Michael Foley, Milton Myers, Val Suarez, Ray Tadio, Fabrice Herault, David Storey, Nadia Tarr and Kevin Wynn. Together they have self produced, co- choreographed, directed and performed several full length concerts in New York City. Their choreography has been commissioned by North Carolina School of the Arts, Joyce Soho presents, In the Company of Men 2004, DNA’s Gene Pool and the Tappan Zee Dance Group. The Steele's work has been presented by and performed at DTW’s Bessie Schonberg Theater, St. Marks Church with Dancers Responding to Aids "The Remember Project", the French Institute, the Agnes Demille Theater at NCSA, the Patricia Nanon Theatre at The Yard, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the Battery Dance Company in their Downtown Dance Festival, the Cunningham Studio, the Evolving Arts Theater at Dance Space, the Master’s School in Dobbs Ferry as well as Steps’ Faculty Showcase, SWEAT and the Elizabeth Pape Memorial Concert. They have taught at the Julliard School, the University of Utah at Salt Lake City, Rutgers University, Hunter College, the University of California at Santa Barbara, North Carolina School of the Arts, Steps on Broadway, Abizaid Arts, Tappan Zee Dance School and internationally at the Iwanson Dance Center (Germany), Matsuyama University (Japan), Dance Camp Companie Champagne (Italy) and Ketsevhagoof Studio (Israel).​ Teri and Oliver are elated and honored to be surrounded by such amazingly talented, generous and inspiring artists.    We are blessed.  


Photography by Teri Lee Steele